This policy is based on our sincere desire to eliminate personal injuries, eliminate damage to equipment and property as well as establishing a need to protect the general public.

Northland Associates Management and field supervision are charged with the responsibility for planning safety into each work task, thus avoiding incidents and conditions that could lead to occupational injuries. While the ultimate success of safety depends on the full cooperation of each individual employee and subcontractor’s employees. It is the responsibility of our management to see that safety procedures are instituted, enforced and see that effective training programs are established on a regular basis. Subcontractors will also be extensively indoctrinated and held to the rules of this safety policy by our Project Management Staff and Safety Director.

Northland Associates has achieved an exceptional record in the field of safety and we are proud of our achievements in accident prevention. However, even though we believe our program is most effective, we also recognize that as long as any potential exists for one person to suffer injury we must on a day-in day-out basis, stress safety and implement safe working conditions.

Our goals is total elimination of accidents from our operations with the following sound reasoning:

  • First: Business endeavors need not cause human suffering through disabling injury or loss of life.
  • Second: A superior safety program reflects a commitment to excellence and serves to promote business, thus contributing to growth and success of the overall business.
  • Third: Poor experience increases cost in Workman’s Compensation, Liability Insurance and results in extensive loss of company profits in addition to reducing our competitiveness on future projects.

Our Policy is to accomplish our work in the safest possible manner.