Wind Farm Projects

Benton County Wind Farm, Indiana – 2008
A 131 MW wind farm near Fowler, Indiana. Northland installed 87 wind tower foundations containing 25,000 CY of concrete and 2900 tons of reinforcement. Our scope of work also included grouting of each base and tensioning of all anchor bolts. Northland completed this foundation work in two months.

Huron Thumb Wind Farm, Bad Axe, MI – 2008
46, 1.5 MW Wind Turbines, excavation, mud mat, rebar, structural concrete and backfill, included bolt tensioning and grouting.

Maple Ridge Wind Farm, Lowville, NY – 2006
Consisted of 195 turbine foundations. Casting 2-3 Bases per day, 1,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete per Day, 70,000 Total Cubic Yards, and 5,070 Total Tons of Steel. In addition to the installation of concrete, rebar, anchor bolts, etc., our work included grouting of all (195) tower bases and the post tensioning of (31,200) anchor bolts.

Flat Rock Wind Farm Phase 1 & 2, Lowville, NY – 2006
Phase 1 consisted of 117 turbine foundations. Phase 2 was for an additional 25.